Having Tuberculosis while Pregnant, Look For Handling Here

Pregnant women who are infected with tuberculosis often hesitate to take medication for fear of the safety of their babies. In fact, tuberculosis must be treated immediately so that the condition does not get worse. Tuberculosis (TB) must get proper treatment, because if not, this condition can cause more severe conditions. If you are pregnant and have TB, it can certainly pose a risk to your pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women with TB must be extra careful. Tuberculosis Treatment in Pregnant Women You do not need to worry because in principle TB that occurs in pregnant women can still be overcome, although maybe the handling is a bit more complicated when compared with TB patients who are not pregnant. TB treatment during pregnancy is generally classified as safe, because the type and dosage have been adjusted so as not to harm the fetus and the womb. Before treatment efforts are made, the doctor will perform a series of procedures to diagnose the type of TB experienced, inclu
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